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Google Analytics API Access with Service Account and ColdFusion

ColdFusion (CF) can be used to access the Google Analytics (GA) API with OAuth 2.0 and a service account for server-to-server (offline) communication. For access to Google Analytics Real Time date see: Google Analytics Real Time API Access with Service Account and ColdFusion The easiest way to do this is by downloading the Google Java […]

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Google Analytics Event Tracking Optional Field Use: Value Without a Label

In Google Analytics event tracking the category and action parameters are required. Optional fields are label, value, and non-interaction. If you want to use any of the optional fields without the prior optional fields, you need to pass in undefined. For example if you want to pass in a value without a label: _gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’, ‘Purchases’, […]

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Google Analytics Reporting API using OAuth 2 with ColdFusion

Google Analytics provides a Core Reporting API (Version 3) that allows for the extraction of data into custom dashboards and interfaces. The API uses OAuth 2 for authentication with refresh tokens for offline access. ColdFusion can tap into the API quite easily.

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Tracking Multiple Domains Individually and as a Group in Google Analytics

Website managers who track multiple top-level domains individually but also want to track some or all of them as a group in one profile can do so with the proper tracking code installed.

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Google Analytics Click Event Tracking on LinkButton in ASP.NET (VB)

Google Analytics integration with .NET web parts requires more planning and execution than with straight HTML. To apply dynamic event tracking to a LinkButton we can attach a function to the OnClientClick attribute of the LinkButton. First, a review of how the event tracking method is set up directly from Google: category (required) The name […]

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