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Google Analytics Click Event Tracking on LinkButton in ASP.NET (VB)

Google Analytics integration with .NET web parts requires more planning and execution than with straight HTML. To apply dynamic event tracking to a LinkButton we can attach a function to the OnClientClick attribute of the LinkButton. First, a review of how the event tracking method is set up directly from Google: category (required) The name […]

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For JavaScript Disabled: Simple <noscript> Solution

For the 1 – 2% of users that might have JavaScript turned off there is a simple <noscript> css solution. This is somewhat better than a forced redirect which could interfere with search engine optimization. In the head section, add a <noscript> tag that hides the main content or a section of the main content. […]


jQuery Ajax Get XML Parsing Error: no element found Location: moz-nullprincipal

This error in Firefox XML Parsing Error: no element found Location: moz-nullprincipal:{dd117028-da50-7b48-9a90-51f90c48ea9e} Line Number 1, Column 1 was seen on a xml get request using jQuery’s ajax function in this manner: The fix was making sure the XML was valid and changing the dataType to html. By the way, the ajax request to get an […]

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jQuery UI Autocomplete Widget with Perl and MySQL

As a follow up to the jQuery UI Autocomplete Widget with PHP and MySQL post, I did one with Perl as the backend. The jQuery UI folks have released an autocomplete widget that is pretty slick. This example uses Perl as the backend. This example will use US states and territories to populate the autocomplete. […]

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jQuery UI Autocomplete: Search from Beginning of String

The default functionality of the jQuery UI autocomplete will match text input against any part of a string in a searched data set. If you want to exclusively search from the beginning, you have to make some adjustments. Remote Datasource If you are using a remote datasource that queries a database, you can adjust your […]

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