Using Google Docs to Create a Survey

After creating the pop-up survey in jQuery, further exploration on creating online polls has turned up Google Docs quick and dirty form creation.

Google posted a 2-minute video on Google Docs form creation that pretty much sums it up. This has actually been around for a couple of years now but, even though it’s a little late to the party, here is a quick illustration of my jQuery poll done with Google Docs:

Select “Form” from the “Create New” menu.

Fill in the name of the poll or form, short description, and the first question.

Add a question by clicking the “Add Item” button and choose from the menu items. Under “More Actions” you can create the confirmation message and allow the submitters to see the results.

You can also get the embed link for putting the poll right on a web page.

And, you can email the form and have users submit answers right from their email by hitting the “Email this form” button and adding the email addresses.

Here it is in all it’s embedded goodness. Try it out:

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