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Google Analytics API Access with Service Account and ColdFusion

ColdFusion (CF) can be used to access the Google Analytics (GA) API with OAuth 2.0 and a service account for server-to-server (offline) communication. The easiest way to do this is by downloading the Google Java library and using CF to create the objects and run the methods. The .jar files in the Google Java library […]

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ColdFusion 10 Mixed and Lowercase Cookies

ColdFusion has always (to my knowledge) set cookies in all uppercase letters. This is something that is critical to know if you are using any other programming language (JavaScript) to read cookies set by ColdFusion. ColdFusion 10 adds a wrinkle to that by providing a way to set mixed or lowercase cookies either accidentally or […]

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Get Facebook Profile Picture with Javascript SDK

It’s pretty simple to get the profile picture of a Facebook user using Facebook’s Javascript SDK. No extra permissions or access token are required. Create the App If you haven’t already, create your app in Facebook Developers. Add Javascript to Log Into the App and Grab the Profile Photo Review the instructions for setting up […]

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Adding CKEditor Spell Checker and Enabling by Default

To avoid having to look this up again and again, here it is in a sample custom config.js in the ckeditor: This is a basic config.js set up. config.js is found in the main ckeditor folder. The operative lines are: Ckeditor

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Google Analytics Event Tracking Optional Field Use: Value Without a Label

In Google Analytics event tracking the category and action parameters are required. Optional fields are label, value, and non-interaction. If you want to use any of the optional fields without the prior optional fields, you need to pass in undefined. For example if you want to pass in a value without a label: _gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'Purchases', […]